ALT CTRL by Matt Ruby

ALT CTRL is a series of work that examines the way we interact with digital systems through the medium of fine art. The series builds on the premise that our relationship to the systems that we use is an fundamental part of who we are and how we understand the world. The focus is on experimental interfaces that attempt to push the boundaries of comfortable interaction by challenging the user with foreign and difficult controls. These interfaces provoke foreign and expressive interactions in hopes of inspiring viewers to question their role as participant.

ALT CTRL questions usability. This series proposes that new systems for interaction can challenge users to learn about themselves and others while engaging and questioning technology.

This series is made up of three pieces: Excitebike, Sympathy for Pacman, and Swap Meet. All three works appropriate an early video game: Excitebike, Pacman and Pro Wrestling or Mike Tyson's Punch-out as the content for system. The controls for each game have been subverted to create new ideas and experiences.